Friday, July 19, 2013

Anna Atkins and sun prints

As we stay inside because of another heavy, humid, and unbearably hot day - the only things I am drawn to are a dark and cooling blue. I'm not just talking about swimming in blue icees or taking cold baths, but I am also presently addicted to the brisk landscape and cinematography of "Wallander." Set in Sweden, the British series is based on a series of Swedish novels by Henning Mankell and stars Kenneth Branagh. It is also really good.

I am also fully obsessed with sun prints and the work of Anna Atkins. Possibly the first woman to take a photograph, Atkins was a British botanist who published multiple books on algae and ferns that included gorgeous photographs created through the cyanotype (or "blueprinting") process. I cannot get enough of these and am thisclose to trying myself.

images via nypl

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