Tuesday, April 10, 2012

food photography

I have a friend who dabbles in food photography. I always say it is her true calling (her facebook friends would agree, I bet, since her status updates frequently involve dining table pictorials). The whole idea of food styling and photography is very cool to me. I have been a long time fan of food blogs, such as Smitten Kitchen, in great part because of the beauty of the images and the deliciousness each photo conveys.
If you are curious about food photography , there is an interesting blog on nytimes.com called Diner's Journal. It often has tidbits on culinary photography- this one about capturing the holiday table on film has very useful pointers.

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  1. Hello, Just noticed that you posted by purple tart (with meringue topping) as part of your above listing. I don't mind you posting it but please give me credit: Food styling-Debbie Wahl/Photography by Dan Whipps.



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