Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jan Berenstain

Last week Jan Berenstain passed away and there have been numerous articles about her and the wildly successful series of books, The Berenstain Bears, that she and her late husband created.
Who doesn't have a memory of a Berenstain Bears book that spoke to them as a kid?
Maybe it was The Berenstain Bears and the New Baby or Go To the Dentist or Get in a Fight.....there is something for everyone. Children's fears, anxieties and experiences all addressed by a pair of sweet, sassy, thoughtful bears. Corny? Sure. Loved? Absolutely.

We have some, what I imagine could be called "vintage", Berenstain paperbacks in our house. I love reading them and my kids are always listening with mouths agape (that means they've been pulled right into the tale) and it amazes me that decades after they were first crafted by the husband and wife creative team, these stories still so clearly resonate.
I put the image from my favorite title of the Berenstain collection at the top of the post. My son doesn't like "that mother's mean face", but I love it- it speaks to me now :).

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