Wednesday, February 1, 2012

crayons, two ways

A couple of Valentine projects that I would like to try happen to involve crayons. They also happen to involve a heat source, so I am still debating giving it a go with my kids. I think for school age kids, they are fantastic activities.
The first is Martha Stewart's Crayon Hearts. It just takes some waxed paper, kraft paper, crayon shavings and an iron....the tutorial walks you through the few steps it takes to get those beautiful, glassine-looking hanging hearts for your windows. I really like the look of them hanging in a layered bunch.

The second is a DIY heart-shaped swirl crayon....
The Elizabeth Hall Photoblog has great pictures and instructions on how to create unique heart shaped crayons for valentines. It would be the perfect way to make use of the tiny crayon nubs in the bottom of your art bin! This just may be something I have to try this year after all.....

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