Thursday, January 12, 2012

Project 365

I'm sure you have heard of Project 365 before. I have seen things about it, but just recently read the "A Beginner's Guide to Project 365" article on It starts off by stating:

Simply put, Project 365 is committing to taking one photo a day for a year. Whether you’re using a fancy DSLR, or simply using your phone, there is no wrong or right way to put together your own Project 365. There are a variety of great sites you can use to share your photos, to find inspiration and keep up with other photographers’ efforts.

It seems like such a no-brainer after that introduction. While I doubt I would do much sharing of my own 365 project, what an easy, accessible way to capture a year. The article goes on to supply tips and helpful websites and to essentially convince you that you have to give it a try. I might start on my birthday next month and see how it goes- having a visual diary of the year is a major motivation....


  1. Tumblr would be a good platform for that, as you can post from Instagram to it directly.

  2. What a great idea! I think I'll do it. Hmmmmm. Maybe today if I hurry! I'll let you know if I follow through.



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