Monday, January 2, 2012

First Project of 2012

The New Year brings a shuffling of the bedrooms in our house. The girls are eventually going to share the bigger bedroom and we are in the long, slow process of setting/filling it up for them. One of the things my three-year-old really wants is a dollhouse bookcase. I have to admit, I think they are pretty cute (yet functional) also.
Whether it is used to store toys, supplies, books or a combination of all three, it is an interesting twist on the classic bookcase. Unfortunately, the models shown in Pottery Barn Kids and Land of Nod are a little expensive for what is essentially a sloped roof set of storage shelves......but this is where Ana White comes in to play. Well, Ana White and a Pop with a barn full of tools!
Blogger Ana White has a site full of building DIY projects and one of them happens to be the Dollhouse Bookcase.
The site has the full tutorial- from materials list to step-by-step diagrams. Pop should have no trouble following this plan once we get the supplies to him!
So this is the first thing on our list for 2012....and the first piece of furniture we will get especially for the "big girl" bedroom.

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