Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday, a newborn, and Etsy

This Thursday and Etsy post is all about the creature who seems to be popping up everywhere- the newborn. I feel as though I always know someone who is pregnant or who just welcomed a little one.

I don't think I could ever tire of looking for new baby gifts. All that sweetness and cozy...and although I am certainly no stranger to Target or Gymboree, there is something extra special about the handmade baby options on Etsy.

If I had my druthers, I would get all the newborns in my life a giant box filled with goodies like these....

The perfect blanket:

And some receiving blankets for swaddling and making any surface more snuggly:

A personalized burpcloth set- a snazzy little welcome to the world:

A set of beautiful bibs, because even constant drooling can be fashionable:

The perfect diaper caddy to hold changing essentials and make life easier for everyone:

Say "no" to harsh winds, beating sun and germy the prettiest possible way:

Anything knit or crochet makes for a classic new baby gift. I am partial to something with ears.... booties:

Sometimes moving away from the "supplies" is the way to go- a first toy, unique teether or some correspondence papers that are just for the new Mr./Miss...


Often you can come across that perfect thing for the nursery. I loved these vintage children's silhouette prints:

I love the idea of these pop art boy/girl face pillows for any nursery. A very cool addition to any style baby room:

Of course this round up of new baby gifts is only the beginning- Etsy has unlimited ideas and options for the little ones in your life, so you have start early!

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  1. That first photo is just adorable. I've made those car seat covers for a couple people - they are lifesavers!



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