Wednesday, June 15, 2011


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list: a series of items written together in a meaningful grouping.
-ography: a writing about or a representation of a thing.

Chronicle Books publishes this super cool series of listography books designed by Lisa Nola and Nathaniel Russell. They describe a listography as "a perpetual work in progress, a time capsule, and a map of your life".

The books provide the starting points for a collection of lists that come together to form an autobiography of sorts. There is not only the original listography, but volumes for specific topics such as-music, friends, my future, and kids' listography.

Each page in these funky journals prompts you with a subject/question/directions and leaves space for you to list your ideas and responses. The concept is simple and the format equally uncomplicated, but once it is all filled out- what an extraordinary way to record the details of life.

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