Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday, a Valentine's Birthday, and Etsy

This much courtesy of sarahjanestudios

This year I have truly hit the party circuit......the toddler/pre-k party circuit. We have been to quite a few fantastic soirees. It got me thinking about a Valentine-themed party for the girls with February birthdays. I started looking around on Etsy (of course) and put together a party for those maybe slightly older than the pre-k set, but still little, those gals who could appreciate a tea party filled with hearts and sugar.

This invitation is the perfect combination of Valentine and Birthday....

Queen/King of Hearts- Luxe Birthday Invitation courtesy of NikkiPlott

Some simple, but plentiful, tissue heart streamers would be all that you need to decorate for the tea party.

Tissue Heart Garland courtesy of pipsqueakandbean

A fancy crown for the lady of the hour.....

Heart Crown courtesy of LittleIslandCompany

and some dainty party hats for all of the honored guests.

Cupcakes are a must and these holders/wrappers couldn't be any sweeter (or more girly).

Valentine's Day Cupcake Wrappers/Holders- Set of 12 courtesy of KidsAtHeartDesigns

Beautiful heart-shaped cookies and molded sugars for the table-

Mad Hatter Tea Party Variety- Hand Decorated Cookies courtesy of crumblescookies

For those who may pass on the tea, some drink tags for their pink lemonade.

Drink tags from printable doll-themed party pack courtesy of chatchkedesigns

It seems for any party to be successful you need some great activities. What a perfect time for DIY Valentines and pinwheels!

To keep things festive-ruby, magenta, and pink colored eggs filled with confetti for the party goers to toss and crack.

Fancy Pantsy Princess Confetti Eggs (5 Dozen) courtesy of JokeyYokey

Tiny bags to hold the parting gift of sweets or stickers and the perfect "Thank you"s for the birthday girl to send out when the celebration is over.

That is my Valentine Birthday if I only had a child with a birthday near the 14th!


  1. Thanks for mentioning my pinwheels in the post. I'm crushing on the first invite. So fun!

  2. Sooo Adorable! Love Everthing, Classy...
    Thnx for My Mad Hatter Tea Party Cookie mention♥

  3. Wonderful Ideas, clean style
    Thanks Again, For loving Etsy Artists!

  4. I love it all, especially the crown! Thanks so much for the inclusion and I hope everyone has a Happy Valentines Day!



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