Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday, a paper town, and Etsy

I say why bother getting a pre-made, pre-set, or perfectly matched paper village when you put together your own by filling it with the unique and beautiful paper structures found on that lovely Etsy site.

To begin, as a city girl I would surely need at least one skyscraper in my paper town (via seasprayblue):

And who doesn't want a historic cottage? I like this one, which is based on a design by S.B. Reed, an architect who was popular during the period following the Civil War (via CatalogHouses):

Every town also needs needs an adorable little home that doubles as (why not?) a super cute gift box (via chia83):

And "yes please" do put a very cool Scottish tenement in my village of paper too (via finchandfouracre):

And maybe my town will be on an island so I'll need this sweet harbor island house as well (via seasprayblue):

And I seriously adore this letterhouse paper house so much that I'd have to have a street full of 'em (via 1canoe2):

And because my town would surely be oh so cultured - I would definitely need to add this paper model of the Globe Theatre to my downtown (via Paperlandmarks):

And because every town needs a "haunted" house - why not make that house be a replica of "The Bewitched" house? (via cinderellamoments):

And because this is no paper town without at least one Vintage Putz style Christmas home, let's just narrow it down to three...

Like this yellow and ruby red abode (via myattictreasures):

Or this mini and pink Christmas castle (via 5gardenias):

Or the coziest Christmas home ever (via carolfysher):


  1. I love this collection of paper houses! You did a great job finding all these and putting them together! Great blog!


  2. what a wonderful treasure trove of paper houses-- so nice to find my little castle among them. thank you for the feature and best wishes for a wonderful holiday!



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