Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday, a Christmas stocking, and Etsy

When I was little, my favorite part of Christmas morning was going through my stocking. I loved that it was filled with treasures in miniature and chocolate and especially girly trinkets. Of course opening presents was a huge thrill too, but I always grabbed the stocking first....

This Thursday and Etsy comes just in time for the big day- a collection of Christmas stocking stuffers that is sure to brighten the morning!

To start - the stocking itself - there are so many fantastic stockings out there, but I am especially fond of these numbers- the Peekaboo and the Retro Santa. I can just imagine them brimming with treats.

These finger puppets will be right at home inside any stocking:

For the girls - there is something sweetly special about this personalized pendant necklace:

Some unique ponytail holders....

And some stuffed owlies for color-filled play the whole year through:
wee Liberty owlies courtesy of krakracraft

For the boys- what could be better than the superhero version of yourself?

An intimidating and cool way to carry your lunch money....

And some fizzy Astro Bathstroids will liven up any tub:

Everybody is creative in one way or another, so some sidewalk paint and recycled crayons will help them show it to the world:

A little something that is just for you....and your tree:

A festive touch to top it all off...

And no stocking would be complete without, at least a few, holiday sweets:

Fingers crossed that I find a stocking even half as cool on my mantel this Christmas!


  1. Thanks so much for including my hair accessories in this lovely selection.

  2. Thank you for including Old Wives' Tale bath bombs in your stocking post. Such a fun post and super fun finds! I love the few boy selections, as those are hard to come by on Etsy. I always did my stocking last as a child. The bigger presents were easy for me to guess; the stocking stuffers not so much. I wanted all that excitement for last :) Whoever gets any of these items in their stocking should consider themselves one lucky happy kid (or big kid!) =)

    Jessica@Old Wives' Tale Soaps

  3. Thank you so much for featuring our stocking bunting in your lovely blog!

    Merry Christmas

  4. What a lot of great stuff--people are wildly creative aren't they? Merry Christmas to all the writers of Hiving Out.

  5. great finds! thanks so much for including my snowman in the mix :)



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