Thursday, November 4, 2010



I am totally impressed with the site It is the handiwork of Marisa, who (after being sparked by the film Julie & Julia) decided to tackle her own year-long creative endeavor. She blogs:
The only shopping that I’ll be able to do is that of pieces that have been used and worn already. So long to mall trips and hello to sifting through piles of vintage pieces at flea markets and at neighborhood garage sales. Each day for the entire year, I’m going to introduce a new piece into my existing wardrobe that I’ve found from these places. On top of this, I’m giving myself a budget of $1 a day.

At a time when folks are growing more aware of recycling and re-purposing, her blog is not only creative and humorous, it is inspiring.
As a non- sewer, I was constantly fascinated by how she could hem and stitch her way into a whole new look. I was particularly charmed by the non-glossy, funny presentation of her creative process and the slew of "before and after" photos.
There are only 25 days left in Marisa's self appointed challenge- you should check out her blog before her year is up!


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