Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holly Farrell and vintage wallpaper

Whenever my darling husband wants to tease me about the blog - his go-to is "vintage wallpaper." 

And though none of us have dedicated a single post to the topic - the idea of this blog being super passionate about "vintage wallpaper" apparently makes him smile because, as he claims, it suggests not only our particular taste but also how intensely we can talk about such divine things like end pages, paper dolls, or the color aubergine. So, in other words, my man's reference to "vintage wallpaper" is a cute way to point out how dorky we can get on this blog. And the truth is that we are MAJOR dorks and dorkily in love with what we love. Therefore, for him and to him - I'm finally going to say it out loud and publicly... I freakin' love vintage wallpaper. Long may it live!

Case and point: 
I cannot get enough of the vintage wallpaper patterns found in many of Holly Farrell's paintings. I especially love how the colors and patterns in the background play so beautifully with the objects found in the foreground. Don't you think that objects like cookbooks, Barbies, shoes, or a even flyswatter look so much prettier when accented by a wall of dizzying pink blossoms or falling teal and yellow feathers? And though I so wish Farrell had an Etsy shop or a place to buy some prints - for now we all must make due with admiring her lovely website: http://www.hollyfarrell.com/


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