Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday, my funny valentine, and Etsy

There is still plenty of time before Valentine's Day and yet I could not help but poke around on Etsy to see what tokens of love are out there. As expected, there are so many fantastic choices it was hard to narrow down my list. I decided to show off some of my findings for those of you looking for that perfect something for the perfect someone. Before you reach for the tried and true Whitman's Sampler this February, maybe you could consider going homemade?

For the babies in your life- something small and adorable.

For the girls and boys usually crazy for candy hearts (and probably in addition to those coveted sweet treats)

For the fellas-

For the gals-

And cards for everyone-


  1. I knew this was going to be written by you, right from the beginning of the post!
    Love all the sweet things from Etsy...especially the library book insert/v-day card.

  2. I love the list, especially the fingerless gloves and the cup with two doves on top of it. Very cute!!

  3. What wonderful finds! Thank you for including my soap. I had to laugh when I saw your title, because I woke up wondering if I should tag that soap "funny Valentine."

  4. Thanks so much for your feature! I love all your picks!!

  5. love the idea of secret message anything!

  6. Thanks for including my babies! What great picks.



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