Monday, May 31, 2010


I love an interesting cityscape. I think they can be captivating for various reasons, whether it be because of an emotional connection to the place or an appreciation for the rendering of a spot where you have never been, but hope to get to one day.

Renee Leone Studio on Etsy has some of the most fantastic cityscapes I have seen. There is a color filled, energetic series of travel watercolors that are a truly unique take on some familiar cities. Having lived in Boston for the better part of a decade, I was immediately drawn to her print of the city, but really the whole series is beautiful.

Just when I thought I could not be more impressed, I came across the Custom Original Cityscape examples and they are breathtaking. The detail is amazing and they illustrate the incredible artistic versatility of Ms. Leone.

Browsing her shop is like traveling the country with some clicks of the mouse....

Friday, May 28, 2010

marilyn reading

Aren't these pictures just gorgeous? I had to seriously stop myself from including every image I could find of Marilyn Monroe reading in this round-up.

Aside from just how lost she seems in what she's reading (I love that picture of her on the couch with the books of the floor! It reminds me of some of the positions you find kids in when they're reading books that they're really into), I love that there are images of her reading everything from scripts to Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass, from a picture book to James Joyce's Ulysses.

Yes, indeed, these images make me happy.

via little girl things

via drx

I'm not even going to fight this...


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday, Arrrgh, and Etsy

happy birthday matey blank card via happydaystudio

So I have an almost 4-year-old pondering what kind of birthday party he would like....there have been a few ideas batted around so far- robots, pirates, sea creatures. Last year it was construction trucks all the way- no waffling or doubt, but I can tell the decision will be tricky this time around.

Now if he does go in the pirate direction, then I already have the whole thing figured out! I love the illustration on these postcard invitations.

Do I admit I would have him wear something in keeping with the theme? (because I would)

I can't believe there is a pdf available that will ensure every guest gets a fantastic hat, eye patch, and....... parrot!

The decorations would be simple- flag garland and jolly roger balloons

For the party games- pin the patch on the pirate, a treasure chest pinata, and these snazzy crayons next to stacks of paper for drawing your dream ship or the ultimate treasure map.

Even the cupcakes would get into the spirit of things!

Finally, each party goer could depart with a goodie bag perfect for the party's end- complete with cookies, stickers, and a pin.
Badge Bag x10 Pirates via PaperFish

Hopefully the final decision will be made soon- for now I will keep my fingers crossed for the pirates to win out. Ahoy matey!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Aline Smithson's "In Case of Rain"

I keep going back to Aline Smithson's photo series, "In Case of Rain" (discovered on kris atomic) with its beauty and brightness on this rainy and gloomy day. Hope you fall in love with it too....
"We live in a world of technical distractions. I see my children gathered around their computers as though it's a summer campfire, faces aglow, as they peer into a world of friends and fantasy, participating in a new form of entertainment that further remove them from the childhood that I experienced.

Today's generation has lost touch with the activities that previous generations have enjoyedreading a good book in a comfortable chair, playing board games on a rainy day, flipping through Life magazines, or sprawling out on the living room rug while listening to records and reading the backs of album covers.

And it's because of this that I have been looking at book shelves and untouched childhood pursuits with a new eye. With great sadness, I realize that these objects will someday be obsolete, at least in their current incarnations. And like a curator of antiques, I see them now as beautiful objects to be admired and preserved, if only on film.

I can only hope for rain, a heavy rain and maybe a power outage."

Aline Smithson on her photo series, "In Case of Rain"

Sunday, May 23, 2010

old is new

I know Mae has
posted about her love of vintage baby clothes before and I completely agree with her. They are so beautifully detailed and the craftsmanship is incredible- like pieces of delicate fabric art.
After looking through the selections at Baby Hank Vintage on Etsy, I started thinking about how even though I could not buy the pieces for my now gargantuan (and stain prone) toddlers, I would love to get a couple and use them as art for the nursery. That way the sweet little strawberry dress I noticed could brighten my day for a bit longer than the couple of months it would have fit my daughter.
It seems the right selection could work in other rooms as well-

There is a great step-by-step guide on that explains how his art- vintage baby clothes and accessories displayed in shadowboxes- came about and even where he found the beautiful clothing.
I also like the idea of displaying your own children's once worn tiny treasures mentioned on A framed baby shirt, or the cap and booties your little one wore home from the hospital, is a simple, beautiful piece of nostalgia and art all in one....

Friday, May 21, 2010

"First Day of My of Life"

I think this song by Bright Eyes should be played at every wedding, every baby's birth, every kitten adoption, every morning when you look in the mirror.... it's that great (and the video is pretty darn amazing too). Enjoy!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday, a "Save the Date" postcard, and Etsy

Okay, so we've made a draft of a working guest list and have seen one potential place for the ceremony/reception so the "Save the Date" card is next, right? This looks to be a lot more fun than worrying about shelling out way too much money for a chain hotel ballroom with no windows... In terms of the "Save the Date" - we're thinking of going the postcard route and lucky for us that there are just so many unique and fun styles we could go with, don't you just love all of these? Now someone help me decide...


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