Friday, April 30, 2010

In my continuing quest to become a green thumb I have been disappointed with the result of my bulb planting and seed sowing time and again. Someday I will have the type of garden I envy and dream about, but for now my only botanical/floral success has been in the form of window boxes. I have two on the shed out back and am proud to say they looked just lovely throughout last year. In the midst of all the failed flower beds and herb gardens, those window boxes flourished and made me so proud.

If there are any fledgling gardeners out there or folks who are intimidated by the thought of planting at all, I definitely recommend container gardening. Window boxes will never let you down. Here is a simple guide to planting a window box garden provided by to get you started- you will thank me later!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday, a spring bag, and Etsy

When my world seems to only consist of piles of undone laundry and dirty dishes and cat hair up the wazoo - I find solace in cleaning one tiny space to perfection - my bag. Right now it's still a brown leather bag filled with a mess of receipts and pen caps, but oh how I dream of filling and prettying up the inside of this divine Fora bag by bayanhippo (clearly I'm still on my stripe kick). It's like spring itself and these etsy finds are just the brisk and fun things that would keep such a lovely bag in tip top order.

Because I am both this nerdy and desire to be this jaunty - this scarf would be a must to tie to a strap of my stripy bag:

"Vintage Bookworm Scarf" via June22

Because I'd clearly be perceived as tough and not one to me messed if I hitched my keys to something this pretty AND tough, right?:

"Hockey Medal Key Ring Fob" via penorus

Because it's the loveliest and lushest color of springtime green and will keep all my receipts in perfect order:

"Rubi green wallet" by imeldabags

Because my coins (and paper clips and safety pins) need not to be rattling around and lost in the bottom of any bag:

"Swingin Sixties Vintage Beaded Coin Purse" via MarnelCQueen395

Because it's eco-friendly and holds the promise of spring (and lip gloss):

"Hot Eco Pink Pleated Fused Plastic Cosmetic Pouch" by SoSheSews

Because birds belong on anything that has a spring theme (even on the case for an iphone - a thing I don't own, but could make do with this pink bird):

"Leather iPod iPhone Cell/Blackberry Gadget Case" by studiocatb

Because every year I break multiple pairs of sunglasses by carelessly tossing them in my bag and I suspect owning this darling vintage case might finally put an end to my rampage of destruction:

"Vintage 50s Floral Brocade Glasses Case" via OpheliaVintage

Because it's beautiful and will make me feel better by just holding it in my greedy hands:

Because one always needs a pocket notebook to organize one's thoughts (whether one is on an exotic trip or in one's grocery store):

"Airmail Envelope Notebook" by YourSecretAdmiral

Because pens wouldn't runaway from their pen caps if they have a cute little home that they both could share:

"leather zipper boat pencil pouch in distressed turquoise" by renneslechateau

And because it is spring. And there will be rain. So you might as well get right in it and enjoy it:

"vintage accessory - rain bonnet" via tokyofirecracker

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

lovin' this living room

It may located in the home of Audrey Romano (which I discovered on the lovely fellow nc blog, mustard & sage), but with its combo of yellow and grey and wood, the Eames chair, and the mid-century knickknacks - this space is actually the contents of my dream living room. I'm just saying....

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Guilty Pleasure

I am a big fan of Netflix. I got the subscription from a friend after I had my first baby (best gift for a new mom ever!) and our schedule was still nuts- nothing like having the movie you just missed in the theater or an old, obscure, favorite television series at your fingertips for a 2 a.m. feeding.

Recently I re-discovered season 1 of Felicity and have been remembering how much I liked it. Oh, and I am completely aware that half of the people reading this would roll their eyes at that, but I can't deny it. Before J.J. Abrams was all about Lost or Alias, he was responsible for this young adult dramedy, so it is better than your average teen television program.

Just a few things that make season 1 worth a watch...

*There is something totally relatable about Keri Russell's portrayal of Felicity. She is awkward and unsure and every emotion registers right there on her face. Being a freshman in college is all sorts of exciting, terrifying, empowering and she pegs it.
*Just enough humor to balance out the melodrama.
*Watching the show now I just can not get enough of that 90's fashion- mini butterfly clips anyone?
*Noel Crane... my number one television character crush. I don't know about you, but there were no super dreamy, responsible, sincere, graphic artist resident advisors at my college. Swoon.
*The writers unabashed affection for the greeting "hey". Sometimes it appears close to two dozen times in a single episode....but I guess if I went back to a day in college, I might be astounded by the sheer volume of "hey"s.

I suppose I am so fond of the show because it is great escapism. Sometimes there is nothing like some college drama to distract and entertain!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Monday

A smile for your Monday morning....or really any time of any day.

This documentary is set to release in May. I imagine it will be pretty fascinating, but if nothing else it will definitely provide moments of cheer.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Land Art

"Leaf Star" by Land Art for Kids

And ever by delicate powers
Gathering along the centuries
From race on race the rarest flowers,
My wreath shall nothing miss.

--from "Song of Nature," Ralph Waldo Emerson

The images below are all from one of my favorite Flickr pools: Land Art for Kids

Land Art, according to, "involves making art and sculptures using natural materials you find in the environment, such as leaves, fir cones, twigs, pebbles, rocks, sand and shells."

"Floating Leaf Boat" by Land Art for Kids

"Circle" from

"Mosiac Bark Cube" from JRTPickle

"Winter Leaf Spiral" by Land Art for Kids

"Dragonfly" by Land Art for Kids

"Leaf Tree" by Land Art for Kids

"Pebble Fish" by Land Art for Kids

"Grass Flower Doodles" by escher...

For more land art, including land art from the grown-ups, visit the Land Art Flickr Pool.

Happy (belated) Earth Day!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday, a picnic, and Etsy

Tulips are up. We have already had the first mosquito bites, skinned knees, and Popsicles of the season. This "Thursday and Etsy" post finds me feeling Spring-y and sunny, that can only mean one thing..... a picnic!
First (well, second I guess, after checking the weather) I would make sure we had all the important supplies.

The essential picnic basket....

And a handy back up tote for anything that may not fit inside....

A perfect blanket to spread out in a perfect spot....

Once settled in, the basket can be unpacked. Some utensils and napkins-packed up efficiently and prettily....

The plates that are all yours and make you smile every time you see them....

The reusable, and rather adorable, bags and bags of delicious treats....

Some things to keep those pests away....

It never hurts to have some entertainment for the kiddos....

Can't forget the protection from the sun....

And hopefully this is the only bee around....

Finally, even the littlest member of the party can get in on the festivities.....with styling ant footwear.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why does Wednesday often feel like this?

by tamjpn

“Three o’clock is always too late or too early for anything you want to do.”

 - Jean Paul Sartre

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"This is Not a Polo Shirt"

Of course "Band of Outsiders" is nodding to Magritte's famous work, "This is not a pipe," in the naming of their line of polo shirts for men, but I think their best selling strategy is to continue to post to their website classic and fun images of polo shirts in action:

(Please note that I've taken liberties in the naming of these images because, well, because I guess I can).

The 40s Dancing Polo:

The 80s Painting Polo:

The Angry Man's Polo:

The Angsty Boy's Polo:

The Blue Jeaned Dad Polo:

The Blue Blooded Dad Polo:

The Over-Grown Kid Polo (with ironic half popped collar):

The Under-Grown Kid Polo (with earnest fully popped collar):

{all images found on "This is not a polo shirt"}

P.S. For those of you with wicked crushes on Jason Schwartzman (I'm looking at you, Bootsie!) - how cute are these images of the actor on the "Band of Outsiders" regular website?


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