Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday, a button lover, and Etsy

I have a thing for buttons. As a little girl, it delighted me to run my fingers through my mom's button box, letting them slide through my fingers, cold and slippery.

As a crafty sort of adult, I have my own collection of buttons, made up of hand-me-downs from my mother, huge lots of buttons from estate sales, and a treasured few paid-too-much for vintage buttons of particular beauty. If I make something for you, and I use one of these particularly beautiful buttons to emblish it, you can be sure I love you very much.

Of course Etsy is a treasure trove of buttons, one I love to run my virtual fingers through.

Like this simple collection of pretty vintage buttons from LillianOlive:

Vintage button as necklace by WhimsyHouse:

"Violet Hoopla," a button, felted cashmere, and embroidery collage by bomchelle:

Antique crochet and vintage buttons on a mustard linen pillow by vintagedesignstudio:

Hip and lovely vintage button brooches by runamok:

Sweet needlecase with vintage buttons by JennMaruskaDesign (dear family, bookmark this for mother's day, please):
Gorgeous wintery mini-wreath embellished with buttons, by ravennagirls:

Vintage button bobbypins (that I wish my daughter would allow in her hair) from annatillettdesigns:

Button and paper embellishments by chocolatecupcake:

My personal favorite in this grouping, "Buttons," a 5x5 print from LolasRoom:

And a necklace celebrating the button (which I got for Christmas, but in silver, and which I very much treasure) from luxedeluxe:

Enjoy cultivating your own button love!


  1. I love the color and design of that "Violet Hoopla".

  2. What a great grouping of button inspired art - I love it all! Many thanks for including my necklaces. Cheers - Molly, Whimsy House

  3. Thank you for including my dish of buttons!

  4. wow, thanks for including our mini wreath. I am also LOVING the paper and button pins, so cute! I have been enjoying your blog since i subscribed in december: keep up the good work!

  5. wonderful collection of creative buttonry! thanks for including one of my pillows!



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