Thursday, August 29, 2013


If anyone asks my five-year-old what she wants to be when she grows up (and, frankly, often when they don't) she will take a dramatic breath and say - "I am going to be a human doctor, an animal doctor, president, a mother and an artist! ". 
My little girl, the middle of our crew, has always been so completely confident, friendly and chatty. I have enjoyed her conversation since she started at 18-months-old and I don't think there has been a single day in that time when she did not make me laugh. Oh sure, she can be stubborn and enthusiastically pick fights with her siblings, but she is nearly always happy and creative and just fun.
This week she starts kindergarten and for the first time in five years she won't be with me all day for most days of the week. She is starting something that she can hardly wait for- learning to read! taking the bus! lunch at school!- and I am filled with anticipation for her, but....I will miss her.
I will miss her singing with the radio on our way to run errands. I will miss how she says " At your service, Mummy!" when I ask her to help with something. I will miss her wholehearted, dramatic participation in story hours.
I know she will thrive in school. I know she will bring home so many stories in the days ahead. I know it is time to send her. But, it still makes me a little sad.
I simply have to remember, if there is ever going to be a physician, veterinarian, commander-in-chief  mom who oil paints.....I just put her on the bus.

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