Friday, January 11, 2013

oh deer

Now that I'm back in town for good, Lorelei and I are committing to making holiday gifts together. This year we made these lovelies and we are already thinking about next year. More to the point - I'm procrastinating by thinking about next year. Not to spoil the surprise of what her creativity and my grunt work will create, but I hope it will involve some sort of image of a deer because that's all I've been researching lately. (Is it too late for a resolution to get a grip on my serious procrastination skills?). Here, for your pleasure, is the end result of me avoiding work - a round-up of deer images! (And, yes, I've already done a round-up of deer pictures - I know this about myself and I embrace it.)

Frida Kahlo via Time is Art 

via julia.

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