Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mannix Vanilla

It is that time of year- you need to think about finding the perfect gift. If you want to give something that is unique, but practical- I have just the thing... 

Since 2001, the Mannix family has been producing premium vanilla extract the old-fashioned way. Our organic, double-strength vanilla extract is brewed using a natural, cold-extraction process without chemicals, additives, sugar or corn syrup.
Continuing with our labor of love, we now produce double-strength almond vanilla extract, ground organic vanilla beans, organic vanilla sugar, and vanilla-infused extra virgin olive oil. We also sell the freshest Madagascan vanilla beans around.

Experience the difference of Mannix vanilla--hand-made, hand-labeled and hand-packed with vanilla beans in every collectible Italian glass bottle. -Mannix Vanilla
Whether you are buying for your favorite foodie or just want something different for the individual that is on your list every year, this is a great option. Check out the Mannix Vanilla site for ordering options and amazing recipes!

Images: Mannix Vanilla and flickr

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