Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Godfather as Lifestyle Movie

Long before Nancy Meyer's movies' beautiful interiors (Something's Gotta Give, It's Complicated) sent fans in search of perfect croissants and casual flower arrangements, the Godfather's rich images of food, family, and religion sold viewers on an idealized Italian-American lifestyle (with a generous side helping of vengeance). I rewatched the Godfather last night for the first time in years and, as a nesting thirty-something, was much more taken with the lifestyle side of the movie than I was with the themes of honor and revenge, which for some reason captivated me during my late teens and early twenties. So, dear readers, here are a few of my favorite Home and Gardens moments from the 1972 Oscar winner:

Lovely Tudor-style home (filmed on Staten Island)

City gardening, complete with wine and fruit

from the Godfather wiki



Interesting post about Bar Vitelli here

Unforgettable cannoli

(Apparently an improvised line--read more here)

Italian cookies (served at Connie's wedding)

from the We Love Astoria blog

And, of course, a spectacular wedding

1972 Paramount Pictures

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