Thursday, July 26, 2012

baby yawns

I am definitely not an interior decoration expert, but one thing I will share is a tip for displaying certain photos. Having just passed my six year anniversary of becoming a parent (and therefore my six year anniversary of not consistently getting a good night's sleep), I am now so very grateful for the three good sleepers under my roof. 
Don't get me wrong- it took each of them the better part of a year to get there and there were times, with eyes burning and head pounding , that it felt like the better part of decade. But, a few weeks after each baby was born, I snapped a photo of him/her/her yawning. I just love that shot- a snooze-y newborn on the brink of sleep. I put them up in my room, one by one to remind myself they could rest, and now when I see the three photos together they are funny and sweet and the perfect reminder of that crazy stage of sleeplessness......


  1. This is an adorable idea. I'm going to steal someone's baby so I can do it.

  2. So stinkin' cute. I love this idea! Maybe I can do Sweet Pea and the two cats.



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