Thursday, August 4, 2011

10 things...

 via Acidstorm

Bear with me. I've been one big cranky lady lately. And in the spirit of my crankiness I thought I'd share 10 things that are driving me to the brink these days (this photograph is, of course, not one of them - his cranky face is divine!).

1. Baby boy clothes with lame writing on them like: "Mommy's New Man" or "Say Hello to Mr. Wonderful" or "Chicks Dig Me." Why are we now dressing our baby boys like ugly American tourists in brash slogan t-shirts?

2. Blog posts that are overtly paid for product placements and the bloggers of such posts who don't fess up to that fact outright.

3. The amount of talent/dance/performance shows on TV right now.

4. People who make that heart shape with their hands in pictures - especially when those people are full grown adults.

5. Cicadas (hearing them at night makes me think that this summer will never end).

6. The catchiness of Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night."

7. Strangers who tell me whether they think I'm carrying a boy or a girl based on how I look, stand, or what I eat (without being asked, of course).

8. People who are so tactless as to blow other people's news on facebook by declaring "congrats on the baby!," "sorry you guys are separating," or "my condolences to your family" on the walls of their supposed "friends" thus outing the friends who had yet to decide whether they even wanted to share that news with the world of facebook.

9. The fact that I can't reach my toes.

10. August.


  1. these are all valid points. especially 8-10. at least you're not CONSTANTLY being asked (sometimes, repeatedly, by the same people) if you're carrying multiples. you're not being asked that, are you?

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this post and that little guy is just the sweetest pumpkin I ever did see! xo Lola

  3. I love you cranky pants. This is the most honest and refreshing I have seen you on this blog. Don't get me wrong I love hearing about much of the things that you love, oh, but the real vivi has many dimensions, and this one is just as delightful as the one who hearts (with her hands;-)) great artists, books, stories, clothes and home decor. Muah!! I think you just might be even funnier pregnant! Love, EG

  4. #8! #8! I agree completely. And have been in much the same cranky mood for about a month now that I feel like I could add #"s 11-20. Thanks for validating my own grumpiness.

  5. Thanks ladies! I'm glad my grumpy mood got a positive response! :)



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