Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Make It Do

I love stumbling upon a blog I know will wind up being a favorite. That was definitely the case with Make It Do . I had been searching for Snowman Kits because my kids had received one for Christmas that they were crazy for and I was thinking ahead to next year and gift possibilities for nieces and nephews. Anyhow, I stumbled upon Make It Do's- Make It: A Snowman Kit and was instantly smitten.

The blog has so many great projects, ideas, and recipes carried out in tutorial form with pictures. It is one of those sites that makes you want to try the DIY ideas you uncover and love, but never give a shot. Make It Do just celebrates resourcefulness in general. I have plenty of fashion, design, and "head-in-the-clouds" blogs that I really enjoy visiting , but I needed this kick in the pants to be more creative and productive!

Snowman Kit

Baby car seat cover tutorial

Banana Cream Pie

Childhood Tradition

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