Sunday, October 13, 2013

dying for Halloween die cuts

I've decided this year that we will become Halloween people. Try as I might to diminish it - Christmas and Thanksgiving are stressful. There is too much traveling, too much spending, too much stuff you HAVE to do. Halloween doesn't seem to have all those trappings and family obligations. It also takes place during the best time of year. Plus (hello?) there is nothing better than toddler costumes and free candy. 

What's also fun about Halloween is that we get to begin from scratch. There are no inherited decorations or knickknacks that one feels obligated to bring out very year. We get to pick out our own stuff. So the first thing I started looking for are old school Halloween die cuts (also called "cut outs" or super awesome teacher bulletin board art). Yes, I'm talking about those old school double-sided posters. Corny? No doubt. Expensive? Surprisingly so for used cardboard. Worth it? Totally. Because we are Halloween people and we do Halloween right.


  1. Yay! I was just thinking of your brave attempt at the clown house.'ve been trying for years. I'm glad you finally made it :)

  2. You go, Vivi!!! Making your dreams come true! Take back the power:-), my cutie friend!!



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