Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Pez is so weird.

It is also a super popular gift from Nana in this house....a dispenser in the Easter basket, in the Christmas stocking or even just because it is a Tuesday. As a result of this prolific gifting of Pez, we (rather unfortunately) have many dispensers in one of our kitchen cabinets and it got me thinking about how long the company has been around and the sheer volume and variety of Pez heads.
Just because I actually spent the time looking at some of these things- a few links....
-The history of Pez.
-A tour of the Pez factory
-These Pez dispensers of the Prince William and Kate Middleton made me laugh aloud. They would be a perfect, silly gift for those crazed Royal Wedding enthusiasts!
-The new 2011 Halloween design
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